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When muscles and fascia develop knots and adhesions due to stress, injury, surgery, overuse, or lack of physical activity, this causes pain. In Chinese Medicine, pain is caused by a lack of circulation. To increase circulation, muscle tissue must be pliable and flexible. Regular morning stretching can enhance flexibility, but it is essential to incorporate daily massages into your routine for optimal health and feeling great.


The main goal of massage is to release muscle fibers and alleviate fascia adhesions. When knots and adhesions form beneath the skin, they can accumulate toxins, negatively affecting mobility, causing discomfort, and diminishing overall quality of life. Therefore, addressing these issues through a massage technique called Gua Sha is crucial. While foam rolling, massage guns, and regular massages are good, they are less effective. If you can't afford to pay someone for a massage daily, learn how to give yourself a massage using the Plyuflex Massage Stick.


 Dr. Katherine Teisinger, DAOM, introduces an ancient Asian massage technique called Gua Sha or Scrapping to the United States. This type of massage involves the use of a Gua Sha massage stick. In the past, Americans were not aware of how toxins can accumulate in muscle tissue. Dr. Kathy is educating people on eliminating pain using the Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick, adapted to American needs. To understand how the Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick can effectively alleviate pain, please watch our training videos at: These demonstrate how easy it is to feel fantastic."

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