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Learn How to use the
Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick

What is the Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick?

This tool is designed to create pliability in your muscle tissue, improving circulation and preventing nerve-induced pain. Unlike other devices such as rollers, tennis balls, vibrating devices, and pounding massage guns, this tool is much more effective as it scrapes metabolic waste from the muscle tissue to the skin's surface, where the lymphatic system can easily clean it up.

Our muscles and tendons require daily attention. Our body produces new cells while old ones die, and it must clean up the remains of dead cells. However, when our muscles and tendons are too tight, the body can't do its job correctly, and the dead cells remain in the muscle tissue, causing pain and discomfort. In ancient China, people discovered that scraping the skin could help loosen the muscles and tendons, making them more flexible. This technique, known as gua sha, helps release the debris that causes pain and other problems. Although they may not have used the same scientific terminology we use today, they still understood the benefits of this form of bodywork.

In Chinese, "Gua" means "scraping," while "Sha" refers to "small red dots on the skin." In English, this is known as Petechiae. Gua Sha uses a scraping tool to loosen muscle fibers and fascia adhesions. This leads to improved circulation and toxins being removed from the body, relieving pain. This deep-tissue massage can be done quickly and with minimal discomfort, as a larger area is treated at once.

Everyone can experience knots, fascia adhesions, and tight muscles regardless of age or level of physical activity. To help alleviate these issues, you can use a Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick before exercising or during long periods of sitting at the computer. This helps increase circulation in the muscle tissue and eliminate toxins that may cause pain.

Various methods, such as massaging vibrators, pounding devices, rollers, and manual manipulation, have been used to alleviate pain in the muscle tissue. While these methods work somewhat, most toxins remain in the muscle tissue and fascia adhesions. This is where Gua Sha therapy proves to be highly effective. It works like a broom on a carpet, opening up the muscle fibers and fascia adhesions and sweeping away dead cells to the skin's surface. This helps the lymphatic system to remove toxins and impurities effectively.

Gua Sha is a type of deep tissue massage that is quick and simple. This style of Asian massage has not been widely used in America due to the red marks it leaves behind, known as petechiae. However, these marks indicate where the fascia adhesions were located. The effects of the red marks usually disappear within two to three days. Once the area is free of knots in the muscles and fascia adhesions, circulation is restored to the nerves, and pain subsides. Gua Sha can be performed using a small handheld tool, which can cause pain in the hands of the person performing the massage. To make the process more comfortable and practical, it is recommended to use a specially designed Gua Sha massage stick like the Ply-U-Flex for lasting relief.

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